Country: Hong Kong, China

Capital: Victoria
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar (HKD )
Top level domain: .hk
Int. Phone access: 852
ISO2 code: HK
ISO3 code: HKG
IOC code: HKG

Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong, China

Chinese (Cantonese) (official), other Chinese dialects, English (official)

eclectic mixture of local religions 90%, Christian 10%

Country under jurisdiction of:
Hong Kong, China China (People`s Republic of )

Olympic achievements

Olympic Summer Games: 14 times.   Medals: gold  1   silver  1   bronse   0
Olympic Winter Games: 3 times.   Medals: gold  0   silver  0   bronse   0

Provinces / Regions

Major Cities

Kowloon and New Kowloon, Victoria,